Novel solutions tuned for your team.

The power of Epi just for your team

Your team — whether development, management, operations or support — has its own needs and challenges. You also might want to evaluate and try out a new tool just for your closeknit team. Epi is ready to support your team, small or large, in its endeavours for strong security and improved productivity.

Whether you have policies, training and systems in place to tackle phishing, we offer a layer of phishing protection that can be as unintrusive or as blocking as required.

Our trustnet provides strong protection by only allowing globally popular and globally trusted sites in your network. Your team also has a variety of small and unique tools that you use every day. You can add these links to your own organisational trust network, the orgnet, so you can be sure that your team are only using official sites, across the internet and intranet.

Don't just catch phish, launch productivity

That's the power of the trust engine. But the power of trust goes further, because once you have your orgnet you can get to websites and internal services faster, through the power of the launch engine. As you type, you get instant results and can launch links instantaneously. Think being able to get to engineering's monitoring dashboard, finance's Q1 report, or the board's strategy document, just by typing in one box, without needing to know where it is.

Our launch engine sits within and complements the trust engine, so not only are you protected while browsing, you get gains to productivity.

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