Don't justsearchLaunch.

From sites to documents, apps to actions, Epi launches all from your keyboard. Turbocharge your productivity with the universal launcher.
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Launch things like BBC News, with just its name
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At the speed of thought

Why search, when you can launch?

Epi introduces a new way to get to sites — launching. Epi does what URLs, search, and bookmarks don't: it aims to give you the right result, every time, and fast.

Launch in 3 steps

  1. Hit CtrlSpace from anywhere to open Epi.
  2. Type the name you're looking for, and get the most relevant and authoritative result instantly.
  3. Hit Enter to open it in your browser.

Search works too

While you can launch websites, apps and documents fast, sometimes you need to search, and that works too, out of the box. You can search within supported sites, or perform a web search with your favourite search engine.

More friendly than URLs

URLs are machine-friendly, but not people-friendly. Mistyping or mistaking a URL can be frustrating (404 not found) or even dangerous (leading to phishing or malware attacks).

Epi lets you name your Web, your way.

More relevant than Web search

Web search is too slow, advertising-focused, and the results are often irrelevant. Poorly tuned enterprise search engines make search in the workplace even harder.

Epi gives you relevant results from your Web, in your context and all in private.

More scalable than bookmarks

Browser bookmarks involve significant individual effort to assemble and maintain. Your personal bookmark collection can't scale to the whole Web. And you can't share your bookmarks with your team.

Epi lets your team name your shared Web together, and makes sharing this knowledge with new starters easy.

Screenshot of Epi, waiting for query
Screenshot of Epi in dark mode, showing results

What can I launch?

...and more

The universal interface

No matter what you want to see, or which app you're in, or which supported site you want to search, Epi works the same way.

And no matter what you're looking for, Epi links always have the same friendly format.

Epi lets you launch anything from anywhere, with the same universal interface you already know.

Privacy at the heart

We believe privacy is a fundamental human right. Your personal data is yours, and we use end-to-end-encryption to protect it.

Read more about our commitment to privacy and security principles.

Runs on the Epiarc

Epi runs on the Epiarc, the new globally distributed archetypal name system. Built on top of the Web, the Epiarc is a free and open user-driven network of networks providing a global system for information management.

Follow our story

Follow updates about Epi and the industry in Launch, a new publication serialising the new paradigm of launching, as well as how we are launching our business and running the Epiarc.