Live alerts and blocking while browsing.

Just-in-time alerting and blocking in the browser

Live Trust is the power of Epi trust in your browser. Live Trust is a multi-device and multi-platform browser integration, provided through an extension currently available for Chrome on Windows, macOS and Linux, and for Safari on macOS, iPhone and iPad.

As you browse, Epi checks the trust and safety of the current page, and informs you if it is trusted via prominent colourful indicators that can be interacted with to provide more detail.

Epi's trustnet catches phishing sites that aren't caught by Google Safe Browsing and current anti-phishing services. Our gamechanging threat intelligence team and platform works to provide world-leading trust and safety.

Live Trust offers strong realtime protection against emergent phishing and malware threats as your users face them, running front and centre in the web browsing platform, working to counter phishing campaigns before users act on them.

With our platform, you have options to further protect your team. When your organisation adopts Epi, you can choose to provide full screen alerts for your staff, or enforce safety by blocking pages outright when they are untrusted. You can opt to record the trust determination of browsed sites in your telemetry instance to monitor the trust landscape in your business.

Epi screenshot
Epi screenshot
Epi screenshot

Epi is ready to bring you on board with our world-leading trust platform, and help you bring an end to phishing in your business.

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