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In your growing business, cybersecurity is not an afterthought, it's critical to the financial security of the organisation. The systems you have in place seem to be working and their reports about defended threats show so. But you should ask yourself and your security team how often you have to reimage users' machines, rebuild infrastructure, cycle credentials, train and retrain users, take corrective actions, and repair reputational damage with customers and prospects. This costs money and time.

We offer a layer of phishing protection that can be deployed on top of your existing security stack. It is as thin a layer as you need, only interrupting you when we detect an untrusted site.

Training can only go so far, proactive and protective systems are needed to handle the tidal wave of malicious threats targeting your business. Post-attack remedial actions are a sticking plaster. We tackle the core threat, head on, with defences before the user sees the page and enters information — stopping phishing at the frontdoor.

Our products protect the browsing frontdoor — warning and blocking when malicious pages are requested, before sensitive information is entered, before credentials are stolen, and before downloads are started.

We can scale our cloud service to as many users required, steadfastly supporting your business in its endeavours to eliminate emergent phishing threats.

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