Proactive trust solutions for finance, banking and insurance firms.

Critical security for business critical operations.

As you know, financial data is critical and sensitive. Suffering a data breach can be deeply damaging, and even catastrophic for the business.

Working in a highly regulated industry, there are numerous laws to traverse and comply with. Navigating strict regulation with your security mandates is a continuous time-consuming process.

We offer solutions that help you be more proactive with your cybersecurity operations. With our high security trust engine, you can be confident that the websites browsed by your users are official, authentic and safe; with untrusted, phishing and malicious sites warned against and blocked.

Add a layer of cyber defence to your security suite to be better prepared and protected against the raft of indiscriminate attacks and the highly targeted spear and whale phishing attacks against your executives.

We will work with you to extend our product and build custom trust solutions that suit the unique nature of your business.

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