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Few things matter more than the education of young people. Advance lives without getting bogged down in IT.

Schools, colleges and universities are at the forefront of improving lives through teaching and learning. You're focused on running your institution and improving student futures. IT and cyber risks aren't at the top of the agenda. You might use set-and-forget antivirus and firewalls, and you might use a third-party managed services provider. But cyber threats still exist, and phishing still gets through, leaving busy teachers and students as the last line of defence. Students, while they are technically savvy, are not always aware of cybersecurity best practice. And overworked teachers are vulnerable to phishing and cyber threats too.

Many schools, especially primary and secondary, rightly want to lock down the sites that students can visit to prevent harms from adult content. Most current "safe internet" providers operate on a blocklist model where they react to remove sites as found or reported, or offer an allow list that isn't big enough for the real world, to cope with the sites you use day to day.

The blocklist and reactive model is broken — it is not possible to keep up with the ever rising tide of phishing and malware. And building an allow list is constant hard work and time consuming.

With our trustnet, we have assiduously built an index of trusted and safe websites that covers the global popular web, with no pornography websites and no sites that focus on adult sexually explict content. As we cover a large number of sites, students should be able to carry out research and complete their coursework. Your institution can also adopt our orgnet where the sites you use and internal services are included in your safety net, just for you.

We offer dedicated technical controls that block phishing and malicious content before users act on them. Our trust solutions provide strong protections against evolving and emergent cyber threats.

We will sit down and to talk about your challenges today, and discuss solutions fit for today and tomorrow.

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