At Epi, security is at the heart of everything we do.

End-to-end encrypted

Epi encrypts your data before a single byte ever leaves your device. Your encryption keys are protected by your Epi password, so only you have the keys to unlock your secrets. Nobody else can see your links and lists, unless you choose to share them.

The same encryption scheme protects your team’s shared links and lists. So you can enjoy the same level of data protection at work as you do at home.

Built on the best

Epi is built with modern, open source libraries and industry-proven solutions.

Epi runs on Amazon Web Services, the largest and most secure infrastructure provider on the planet.

Rock-hard crypto

We use best-in-class AES-256-GCM encryption, PBKDF2 key derivation, and high-strength RSA public-key encryption, to ensure that no one except you can see into your data.