Our trust platform catches phish and cultivates knowledge.

We live in the Wild Wild Web. The internet is full of threats and malicious actors trying to gain access to your systems and people. With your current network and endpoint defences, attacks still get through, and damage your infrastructure, finances and reputation.

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Trust Engine

The trust engine is at the centre of your universe with Epi.

Deployed flexibly to your requirements, the cloud-native engine works to block phishing and keep you safe in your network and on your devices. It adds an important layer of defence from malicious campaigns and emergent attacks which threaten your business.

Notably, within the trust engine is the launch engine, which allows you to quickly open sites and links in the trustnet and your orgnet.

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The Trustnet

The trustnet is a crucial layer in your Epi deployment. Our threat intelligence team maintains what sites and links are trusted and safe so you can be confident of strong defences against phishing.

Epi's trustnet catches phishing sites that aren't caught by Google Safe Browsing and current anti-phishing services. The trustnet is safer by design, safer by default.

Active in-house intelligence constantly manages the trustnet to keep you safe. With a vast number of sites and links, and always increasing, the trustnet is ready to deliver gamechanging trust, scaling on demand.

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The Orgnet

The orgnet is your own trustnet that we can help to manage. It extends from the global trustnet so already includes the sites you use every day. What sets it apart is that it includes the sites, links and infrastructure you use in your business, so that your staff can be sure they are using the correct and official services. As standard, the orgnet extends out from the trustnet, but you can choose to run just your orgnet or run a scaled-down version of the trustnet, if you wish.

Your orgnet can include company infrastructure, internal DNS services, AWS services like EC2 instances and S3 buckets. We integrate with more than 60 services and we can integrate with custom services as required.

With your orgnet, not only do you know you're using offical services, but you can open these resources effortlessly from the launch engine that comes with your deployment.

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The Widenet

The widenet is an in-development service to make risk-based trust decisions beyond the trustnet. We pair our extensive expertise with bespoke artificial intelligence that allows us to create our widenet and detect threats in the grey area beyond our trustnet. The human intelligence input provides extensive and unrivalled seed knowledge to power our machine learning systems. In the widenet, trust decisions are risk-based and automatically assessed to determine malicious intent, with options for human review. Organisations will be able to adopt the widenet for more flexibility beyond our restricted and hardened trustnet.

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