Developer Tools
Launch your GitHub repositories and issues
Developer Tools

GitHub is a collaborative development platform for hosting source code repositories and running automations.

Source code is crucial to your technology business, and in any business with modern tooling and open source usage, there's a lot of repositories and a lot of libraries, first party and third party. Finding a repository can be difficult when you're going through pages of results and you've forgotten its exact name. You want to focus on core development, not ancillary and extraneous think-work which is not related to the job. Finding your work should not be hard, it should not be a barrier to productivity.

With the Epi GitHub integration you can work at the speed of action. In the universal launcher you can type any query, and whether it's a repository or issue from GitHub, we'll find it and return it to you instantaneously. You don't need to open a new tab and hunt down your work, you can use one tool to find anything and everything.

Available to install in Web Launch and Epi Desktop