Cloud Computing
Developer Tools
Amazon Web Services
Quickly get to your AWS resources like EC2 servers, Lambda services, S3 buckets, databases and logs.
Cloud Computing
Developer Tools

AWS is the preeminent cloud computing platform for running a business.

With the Epi AWS integration, you can open the pages for your production, staging and development servers and resources. Running a modern business involves many resources, and with microservices and multiple environments it can be hard to find the thing you're working on, wasting precious development time.

Using Epi, you can in realtime see your resources from the Epibar. Start typing the name of the resource, any part of it, and get instant results from EC2, Lambda, S3, API Gateway, Dynamo, RDS, Route 53, and more.

For example, see your development stage resources with "dev", see anything to do with authentication with "auth", see your users table with "users".

If you need a custom integration we're happy to work with you to take this integration further, bespoke to your needs.

Available to install in Web Launch and Epi Desktop