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Search is slower than you might have thought

Current web and enterprise search engines are inherently slow. They are designed around a flow where you type a query, you press enter, you wait, you get results, you scan them, and you find the result you need.

Incremental changes like backend upgrades, technology advances and autocomplete suggestions improve things somewhat, but do not change the game; it's the same paradigm.

Autocomplete suggestions are there to make users' lives easier, but only to a point, because the business needs of the search engine ultimately outweigh the user experience. The dominance of major search engines means that the user experience does not need to be the highest priority.

With web search engines, the search engine result page (SERP) is critical to the company's business model. They must show you ads, so the page must be big enough to support sponsored listings as well as relevant organic results.

The story with enterprise search is much the same, but it is due to lack of innovation and creativity. Enterprise search engines are even bulkier and clunkier than search engines. You have a results page, and search times are often slower.

What if the query box was the only interface, what if you got truly instant results, which you could interact with and get to the website directly, avoiding the results page. This would be gamechanging because it would be faster and would force the search engine to always give the most relevant results — there would be no room for anything other than trusted, official results.

Introducing Epi

With Epi, you have a universal launcher, your one-stop-shop to access websites, files, apps and knowledge, globally and for your business. You have the one tool for everything, the internet and intranet. No more needing to context switch and work out which search tool you need to use.

We believe your productivity is important. You can get real launchable results in tens of milliseconds, not the 0.5s, 0.8s and whole seconds we're used to. We can save you time in your workday so you can get on with the work, not the search.

Everything we do is measured for performance. Any new feature is assessed so that it has unnoticeable impact on speed.

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