Launch your favourite sites, documents, apps, servers, and actions instantly. Perform calculations or conversions in a flash.

Launch things like the Spotify app, or one of their websites.

Launch apps and websites

Launch an application installed on your system, like the text editor TextMate.

Launch local apps and programs

Need more protection in your browser? Turn on Private Launch to open all sites in your browser's private browsing mode.

Private Launch


For those times when you still need to search.

Search the Web with your favourite search engines, like Google, DuckDuckGo, and Bing.

Search the web

Search Inside

Search directly within supported sites.

Search inside sites


Build your own library of links to the things you use every day, things you want to read later, or things that interest you.

Build a library

Organise your links into lists to put them in context. Make a home list, a work list, a project list, or any other list you need.


Connect Epi to your favourite apps, and apps made by Epi.

Connect to and configure apps

Smart Shortcuts let you tailor Epi to your needs.

Use Smart Shortcuts to dynamically jump to pages


Take your bookmarks beyond the browser. Import bookmarks from Google Chrome and Brave, and upgrade them into universal Epi links.


Sync links and lists across your devices with Epi Cloud, protected by state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption.


Epi is even better when you share with Teams.